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Creating and
marketing a

It's not hard, we do (most of) the heavy lifting. 

Our Brand Toolkit contains all the key elements essential to creating a brand identity and lays the foundations for a cohesive marketing and media strategy.

The Brand Toolkit
consists of:

  • Brand strategy encompasses intentional decisions about how a brand presents itself, communicates its values, and distinguishes itself from competitors. 

    It's crucial for creating meaningful connections with customers, fostering loyalty, and ensuring consistency across all brand touchpoints, ultimately drives growth and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    Pretty important to get this right, everything following depends on it.

  • A logo serves as a visual representation of a brand, instantly conveying its identity and values and differentiates a brand from competitors. 

    The right logo can leave a lasting impression on customers, being instantly recognisable as the brands values and promise.

    Another critical element in brand communication and marketing efforts.

  • Otherwise known as a brand style guide or brand guidelines.

    It outlines rules for consistent brand presentation, covering logo usage, typography, color palette, imagery, and tone of voice. 

    It ensures cohesive communication across all brand materials, maintaining brand integrity and reinforcing brand values to stakeholders, employees, and customers.

  • Think of it as your digital storefront.

    Where people come to acquire information and make purchase decisions. 

    Design is form and function. Not only should your website adhere to the principles established in the previous stages. It is also vitally important that what happens under the bonnet is engineered with intent. That’s the SEO, Keyword and hashtag stuff that can make all the difference to you being found.

    No point in designing a magnificent store and building it out in the Simpson desert. You need to be found.

  • Bet you just thought Social.

    Thats understandable, it's a behemoth.

    But that can be the problem.

    Maybe  a Sandwich Board and a megaphone would be better? 

    This needs to be considered carefully.

  • Take control of the brand assets you have just created. 

    This will save you both time and money by not requiring third party consultants - like us.

    In the workshop we will teach you how to (From the assets we’ve created): 

    •  Manage and edit your website

    • Create social media (and other) content and launch your first campaign

    • Create a Blog and newsletter

    • Other stuff that may crop up that I haven’t thought of yet

    We can do this for you but that’s for another conversation

  • Our Brand Toolkit for small business and SMEs start at $15,000

    Every Brand has unique requirements ( IE: business Card Website Vs Full blown E-Commerce) in order to reach its full potential so require different levels of resources.

    We are of course happy to scope your project and provide a detailed quote.

  • (As they say in the Steak Knife ads).

    Should you require further assistance with your brand assets not outlined in the scope of this work, such as packaging or application of brand identity to signage or wayfinders, we would  be delighted to continue the journey with you.

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